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Performers For all who long for childhood days of make-believe and mythic heroes, ladies in waiting and bawdy tavern wenches, steel clad warriors jousting atop mighty steeds and knights in shining armor, royalty and the like...these and more come to life at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire!
Don't just watch this piece of history - relive it with us!

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Benat al Sahraa Benat al Sahraa Benat al Sahraa bring you dances from the far-off deserts of North Africa and city streets of Cairo. Performing a blend of oriental and tribal styles, these bellydancers will charm you with their quick finger-cymbals, serpentine movements and fiery personalities! BOWI BOWI Kickin Celtic Music - For years, Seattle based BOWI has been entertaining audiences with a blend of traditional Celtic music and unique energy. The BOWI sound encompasses a wide range of music including driving Jigs and Reels, exciting vocals, and beautiful ballads. An incredibly flexible and adaptive group, BOWI has performed at everything from Pubs and local faires, to private parties and weddings. Acoustic or "Plugged in", BOWI has never failed to get the hands clapping and feet stomping.

Broon Broon Broon is a variety comedian who has toured all over the country for more than twenty years presenting a show of side splitting laughter and amazing stunts. With a strong background in improvisational theater and street performing he has developed a spontaneous and edgy style that guarantees no two shows will be exactly alike. One part stand up comic and one part side show performer Broon amazes with magic, fire eating, juggling and bullwhips all wrapped up with a sardonic wit that will leave you breathless.

Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries Cannons will Roar! Cutlasses will Clash! Jigs will be Danced and Shanties will be Sung! Enjoy lively performances and theatrical re-enactments by the notorious crew of the "Emerald Rose". This fun- loving band of scallywags will raise your spirits in song and thrill your senses with suspense and intrigue; charmin' their way into your good graces all the while. "So batten down yer hatches, stow yer wenches and ...Prepare to be Boarded!!!"

Cirque du Sewer Cirque du Sewer Melissa Arleth, the acrobat with acro-rats, started off as an actor but quickly realized her life mission was to leave the world a little odder than she found it. To that end, she created Cirque du Sewer , showcasing the amazing abilities of her trained vermin, as well as her own feats of balance. Melissa and the rats have performed all over the country, from burlesques in Key West to Shakespeare festivals in California to renaissance faires in Texas, and have even been seen on national television.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood The Dread Crew of Oddwood A "Heavy Mahogany" pirate band blending of acoustic folk rock, heavy metal, Celtic punk and traditional Irish music with their high-energy live show, epic seafaring sound and extensive vocal harmonization. This adventurous & outrageously energetic group of brigands have a slew of valiant, terrifying, & amusing songs spewing tales of destruction, debauchery, and camaraderie. They feature Captain Wolfbeard O'Brady on accordion and whistles, Riven Rahl on toy piano, Rouba Juba on steel string guitar, Smithy Crow on upright bass, Gunmaster Castle on the mini-drum kit (dubbed the "Oddkit") and steel pans, and Scandinavian twins Stark and Deckard Cordwain on Irish bouzouki / tin whistle and ukulele / mandolin respectively.

Goode's Company of Foote From the shadowy, sodden recesses of Northumbria march a hale and hearty band of heroes. Goode's Company of Foote is a living history group dedicated to reenacting the life and times of a 16th century English trained band. We gather to embrace the camaraderie, discipline and chaos of a company of pike and musket as they variously served the will of their prince and purses during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Gypsy Realm Productions Gypsy Realm Productions Gypsy Realm is a family based performance group that has been ongoing since 2001. Bringing fairy tale characters to life, such as Puss'N Boots and Witchy Poonella, who can be be found out on the faire green awaiting to bring a little fun and laughter into all faire goer's days! They can also be found performing a once a day marionette show for the Fairy queen in her royal court and whoever may wander into their midst.

Harley LaQuinn Harley LaQuinn A brightly colored harlequin jester of renaissance Europe, easily recognized as the tallest man of the land topping out at over 9 feet tall from the bottom of his feet to the tip of his hat. Watch him as he nimbly cavorts around the faire getting himself into and out of the smallest spaces greeting fairgoers with his uplifting laughter accompanied by his pocket sized brownie Hannah, who is always mischievously rearranging his bag of tricks, you never know what will happen with the two of them around. When you see him don't forget to say Hi to Hannah!

Hawke the Bedlam Bard Hawke the Bedlam Bard They play aggressively loud, sweaty, foot-stomping music on guitar, fiddle, mandola, bones, bodhran, strumstick, and kazoo. Catch their bawdy song show if you'd like to laugh your bottom off, and hear their sit-down set for sweet, moving ballads.

Kumpania Paramitsha Kumpania Paramitsha Founded in 2000, the Kumpania Paramitsha is a group of talented performers portraying the Romany (or Gypsy) peoples during the 16th century. The Kumpania is made up of musicians, dancers, singers, fortune tellers, fire performers, acrobats and story tellers. The Kumpania are dedicated to recreating the gypsies of the Renaissance through culture, customs, language and of course music and dance. Click here to see a video of them in action

MarCher MarCher Music from the Heart, especially for the soul, Marty and Cheryl Johnson performed together for over 15 years, entertaining at Renaissance Faires and other historical reenactment events since 1995. The beautiful music they made together was a true reflection of their love for each other through the years. Sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes romantic and often fun and energetic their music has brought a full spectrum of feelings to crowds throughout the Northwest. Cheryl continues their tradition of bringing music and love to all who listen after losing the love of her life in 2015. Her smile reflects the joy in her heart as we cherish the memory of our dear friend Marty.

Master Payne's Magykes Master Payne
Returning to our Faire again this year is the Comedic Conjuring of Master Payne. This purveyor of japes, cheap tricks and minor amazements will delight one and all with his offbeat antics and curmudgeonly wit. He promises to not only to regale and possibly slightly repulse us with his trademark Ram’s Bladder Trick. But to also mystify and befuddle us with his award winning rendition of the Oldest Trick Knowne to Man --- the Cups and Balls. A native of the Pacific Northwest Master Payne has been presenting his unique style of period prestidigitation at medieval and renaissance events from England to Guam for over thirty years. He is a favorite performer at the King County Libraries, The Moisture Festival in Fremont, That’s Impossible in Renton, and Magic Monday in Ravenna --- the longest running magic show on the West Coast. This year also marked his debut appearance at the world Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California.

Matthew Van Zee The Traveling Mage Matthew Van Zee The Traveling Mage Bringing forth the Magic Realms of Fantasy. Opening windows into other worlds with his storytelling and magic. It is rumored he has been to the sacred places of Avalon and Shangri-La. Visiting Professor to many of the top wizarding schools; specializing in Talismans and Charms. With the aid of the fey and borrowing the help of Harley's brownie Hannah, Matthew Van Zee will be gracing the children's stage with magic to enchant all. With over 20 years of experience he has entertained hundreds of thousands of people across the United States as well as people from around the world. He has elated audiences at many fairs and festivals.

The Merry Wives of Windsor The Merry Wives of Windsor First Weekend only! The Merry Wives of Windsor is an all-female folk band based in Southern California. The foundation of the Merry Wives’ sound is rich four- and five-part vocal harmonies, which blend elements of North American, British Isles, and Contemporary Folk music. They have played Renaissance Faires in Southern & Northern California, Arizona, Kansas and are thrilled to now add Washington to the list!

No Parchment Needed No Parchment Needed This merry troupe of actors have traveled far and wide to entertain you, but forgotten their scripts! Help them out by offering suggestions to drive or even start the scenes. Every short-form show will bring a smile to your face and be very unique. They have a general audience show as well as one for an NC-17 stage. Come one, come all!
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The Noble Court & Household of Queen Elizabeth I Bringing to life the Golden Age of the English Renaissance! The Noble Court and Household of Queen Elizabeth I is on progress this summer through the quaint village of Merriwick to enjoy their Midsummer Faire. Join the Queen and Her Court as they take in the sights and sounds of performers, revel in the excitement and pageantry of the Joust and experience the romance, chivalry and intrigue of the Elizabethan Court. Queen Elizabeth I is portrayed by Victoria Dzenis of Seattle whose lifelong goal is to be a true Renaissance Woman!

Piccolo Puppet Players The Noble Court & Household of Queen Elizabeth I The Piccolo Puppet Players presents The Punch & Judy Show! Done in the traditional British style. Prepare for lots of color, laughter and audience interaction
Mr. Punch is a light hearted anti-hero who gets himself in and out of trouble by the use of his wits. He meets many colorful characters throughout the show: Judy, his wife; the Baby; Joey the clown; the Constable, who never fails to misapprehend Mr.Punch, the Crocodile who swallows his stick and many others!
Join us for three shows a day!

Pyrojuggler Thomas Wood Pyrojuggler Thomas Wood All three weekends of the Faire, be prepared to be on the edge of your seat with the sly, daring and positively amazing feats of America's favorite fire juggler! Don't miss the chance to see the hottest show in the shire!!!

Rebel Tymes Rebel Tymes Rebel Tymes' Red Hugh was born into an Irish Catholic family, rich with Irish culture and tradition. After listening to the stories of Ireland's struggle for independence from his ma and da, it is no mistake that Rebel Tymes stresses music from the Emerald Isles. Their music was born in the heart of the Irish rebellion, with songs like the “Rising of the Moon” and “Black & Tans”. Rebel Tymes’ fiddle player adds depth and spirit to Rebel Tymes' already unique approach to their music and will remind you of the pain and despair the Irish have gone through in their fight for freedom.

Robin Hood & Maid Marian Present: Robin Hood & Maid Marian Present Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian for magical storytelling! Six members of the audience star in these high-energy, interactive retellings of "St. George & the Dragon" and "The Tales of Robin Hood"! Heroes, villains, cheering, screaming, and hilarity ensues!

Salle Saint-George Salle Saint-George Salle Saint-George, Seattle’s traditional school for classical fencing arts and the science of self-defense, will once again be demonstrating the history of the sword (and other Renaissance weapons) with their usual level of witty banter, grace, actioned packed fencing assaults and even science! Join them to learn about the art and science of fencing, more than you thought possible. You may even get caught up in the action!

Schole of Pleasant Pastymes Schole of Pleasant Pastymes Pleasant Pastymes for Faire Friends will be found in the family games' pavilion, provided by our village Dame Schole Mistress, Lady Cameron. Inside the pavilion you will find board games such as nine-mens-morris, draughts, or chess. Bubbles, nine-pins, pall mall and other amusements may be found in the yard. All are welcome to enjoy a respite from the busy hub-bub of the village green at Pleasant Pastymes.

The Seadogs The Seadogs The Seadogs are a group of performers who perform Nautical music and songs, with a healthy injection of comedy and sailor-y theatrics. Several instrumentalists, along with an entire crew of talented singers who perform a wide range of seafaring music...from old world shanties & work songs done in the traditional style, to more upbeat interpretations of classic sea-songs, to modern & original seafaring music. The Seadogs have been entertaining west coast audiences for over 25 years, and have a strong background in entertaining audiences both young and old in nearly every conceivable venue. If you're looking for Nautical Entertainment, have we got a show for you...
Come check out our all-new, all-adult "Naughty and Nautical" show! Come on out, grab a drink and try "Swearin' With The Seadogs!"

The Seattle Knights The Seattle Knights The Seattle Knights will be there every weekend to bring you the passion and excitement of sword-swinging battles and hoof-pounding jousts. They are the region’s oldest and most established joust troop; a group of actors and performers dedicated to bringing you historically accurate stage combat. Come by to watch the pulse pounding displays of skill and don’t forget to stay and pet the horses!

Sound and Fury SoundandFury Sound & Fury is a vaudeville-nouveau trio, who present original comic genre-parody plays. Using frequent audience participation and utter destruction of the ‘fourth-wall,’ Sound & Fury makes their works light & accessible to a modern audience. They have entertained over 825,000 people live in the last 17 years, and have a devoted following of fans (the Furies), who range in age from 12 to 80. Starting in 1996 they began to perform improvised sketches onstage to entertain patrons at some of the oldest and largest faires in the country. Soon after, they began touring the world, appearing in Australia, Scotland, and Canada, and they haven’t looked back, because objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Tania Opland Tatiana Opland Travelling the known world, Tatiana & Michael collect music and musical instruments wherever they go. English and Celtic songs mesh with tunes from the Silk Road, Cathay and the Holy Land, on dulcimer, cittern, hurdy-gurdy, harp, recorder and other instruments of Europe and Asia. They have delighted court and village alike on their travels.
Tania Opland met Mike Freeman during a concert tour in England in 1994, and they have since toured the UK and Ireland from Shetland to the Channel Islands, from Norfolk to Wales, Cornwall, and all across Ireland. Performances in North America have ranged from Maine to the Aleutian Islands, and from British Columbia to Florida. They have made guest appearances on albums by William Pint and Felicia Dale, Artisan, Hilary Spencer, Linda Waterfall, Peg Loughran, Alicia Healey, and many others in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and Britain..

Wyldewood Fae Wyldewood Fae News of jolly festivities and the visit from the Royal Queen Elizabeth have intrigued Royal of another kind. The Fae Queens Aurelia and Morgana have decided to cross the boundaries between this land and the next to visit the village of Meriwick. With the two fae courts in tow, the Seelie and Unseelie Queens have come to see what mortal delights the little village have in store for them. Come see what amusements these mortals have to offer this Midsummer Faire!