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Costume Resources NOTE: If you decide to buy your costume through the Internet, please make sure you send extremely accurate measurements to the merchant. Also make sure you allow yourself very ample time to not only receive the items, but to be able to send them back if they don't fit, and get new ones. During the summer season, a lot of these merchants participate in Faires, and may not be able to work as quickly as they can during the winter. So make sure you order early! You might also want to e-mail or telephone the merchant before you order, to make sure you are both certain of what you're getting, what fabric, exact color, etc. Better safe than sorry. Here is a list of online costume merchants. Some I have had experience with, some I have not.

The Rustic Shield Handmade unique Medieval Replica wooden shields from reclaimed lumber.

Renaissance Costumes Looking to find some Renaissance costumes? This site offers a variety of knight, princess, and nobleman costumes. Also find many accessories to complete your Renaissance Halloween costumes.

Lady and the Fool I have ordered from this site before, and had very good results. Their prices are reasonable, and they get their orders out in a timely fashion. Very good quality costumes, the stitching is strong, the fabrics are good quality. Good colour selection as well. Consider the full length chemise to save money, you won't have to buy two skirts!

Faire Pair Tights and Such I have never ordered from this site, but I have heard very good things about it. It isn't cheap, but it is also VERY hard to find somewhere that sells decent tights. Also, it is one of the only places that sells heavy weight cotton/Lycra tights, which breathe much better than Nylon tights, and look much more accurate.

Renaissance Dancewear I have purchased several times from this company and their product is of the highest quality, they have wonderful customer service and helpful staff.

Maeve's Unmentionables Custom hand-made clothing for Renaissance and Medieval re-enactment.

Steel Boning for Renaissance Costumes Fabric, patterns, and sewing notions that we think might be of interest to faire goers.

Dressy Tresses A shop of finely crafted hairsticks and hair accessories.

The Pillaged Village I cannot say enough good things about this site. They have the best prices I have ever seen on feast gear and other little odds and ends. They sell all manner of delightful ribbons, and other little goodies for finishing off your costume, goblets, tankards, wooden utensils, plates, bowls, candle lanterns, belly dancing jewelry, just all manner of wonderful little things to add to your persona. You can order online, or request a catalouge, which has even more goodies to choose from. Insanely good prices. I strongly recommend you use this site to put the finishing touches on your costume.

Somewhere In Time, Unlimited
Weapons Emporium Fabulous site for weapons, armour and more. All kinds of great stuff here.

Other Resources The League of Renaissance Merchants An excellent source for finding online merchants. If you happen to BE an online merchant, you might want to consider having your site linked to this resource. It has led me to some great finds.

Poison Pen Press Great site for the purchasing of books related to the Renaissance Era.

Journey Through the Renaissance Wow. What an wonderful site. Uses Flash a lot, takes some time, and has sound and pictures. It's an amazing site, definitely worth looking at.